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Your Donations Help Make Our Vision a Reality

Your contribution to GMF is essential in helping us reach our goals of making a difference in the lives of many African girls. Proceeds remain under the strict financial control of GMF until expended directly on assisting children with costs of education, supplies, meals, educational facilities, or instructors.

Why Education Matters:

The Democratic Republic of Congo is currently experiencing an education crisis, and GMF needs your help. Over the last decade, over 5.5 million deaths have occurred as a result of the ongoing conflict, and over 400,000 women have been raped. The dire situation in Congo has wreaked havoc on the educational system, leaving many children out of school, of which over half are girls. Despite the challenges that Congo faces, with your support, hope is on the horizon.

Examples of How Your Donation Will Help:

Provide individual school books for 1 girl for one month


Provide 1 girl with a new pair of school shoes


Provide individual school materials for 1 girl for one year


Provide daily lunch and mid-breakfast for 1 girl for one month


Provide individual school books for 1 girl for one year


Sponsor 1 girl through school for one month


Bag of flour (25kg)


A bag of rice (25kg)


A bag of potatoes


A box of fish (30kg)


Anorak Jacket


Provide daily lunch for 152 girls for one day

$152 ($1 per girl)

Provide daily mid-breakfast for 50 girls for one month


Pay a teacher’s salary for one month


Sponsor 1 girl through school for one year


Provide daily mid-breakfast for 50 girls for one year


Help Her Change Her World

Empowering a young girl through education better equips her to find better solutions and create a better tomorrow for herself and her community. Because of this, our commitment is to work towards solving the education crisis in the country, and as a result, raise the literacy rate for Congolese women and girls to create opportunities for them to improve their lives as well as play active roles in their communities.

Change the future of a GMF scholar today. Give the gift of sponsorship. Please check out the “Meet 150 Girls That Can Change the World” presentation (PDF) to find the perfect angel for your sponsorship. School begins September 4.

Donate by Other Methods

We also accept donations by wire transfer, personal or business checks and money orders. If you would like to use alternative payment systems, please contact us at for further information.


Sustainable Pathways Project
Agriculture is the cornerstone of poverty reduction in Africa. Providing agricultural trainings and business skills workshops will equip youth with lifelong transferable skills to improve their future. By making one of the various donations below, you can make a life changing impact by supporting this sustainable farming project.

$50 pays a weeks salary for the FFH Agriculture Coordinator
$25 buys 125kg of corn seed
$10 buys 2 chickens

Drop malaria project
According to the World Health Organisation report, Congo is one of the 2 countries reporting the highest death rate from Malaria, predominantly from children in Africa. With the FFH project and your help, a major impact can be made towards reduce the disastrous effects of this preventable disease and provide families with appropriate knowledge and the tools to eradicate it. Below are ways you can donate to the project and give children and families a better chance at life.

$25 dollars pays for a volunteer stipend for 1 month
$30 buys 10 insecticide treated nets
$125 buys a bike for a village health worker

Library project and IT Room
Providing access to education for girls is the keystone of our organisation. The FFH project allows us to expand our reach to boys as well as girls and provide the Centre with a library and IT room. The furniture, books and monitors have yet to fill the space that will help expand and brighten the minds of centre youth. With your help this dream can become a reality. Below is the range of items that your donation will help fund.

$15 buys 3 books
$25 buys 5 books
$50 buys a chair
$55 buys a small book shelf
$100 buys a large book shelf     
$150 buys a monitor

You can donate to Football For Hope here

Thank You!

The GMF team would like to sincerely thank all donors for their generous donations. At the same time, the team expresses its gratitude towards all the individuals who have or will help GMF by gracefully volunteering their time, valuable expertise and helpful introductions. With the help of each one of you, GMF is empowered each day!

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