Get Involved

Volunteer Your Time

We always need volunteers!  Whether you’re a lawyer, an accountant, or a stay-at-home mom, your expertise and time are invaluable gifts.  Send your curriculum vitae/résumé to

Donate Your Birthday

No one wants to turn up empty handed to a birthday party, even when the invitation says “no presents”. People buy gifts that you may not really want. Why not ask people to donate to GMF as their gift to you? Here are some fun ideas:

  • Donate 40 bricks for a 40th birthday!  Raise money for building supplies such as bricks, windows or cement for the Lubumbashi school by using the creative concept of donating 40 bricks for a 40th birthday!
  • Sponsor a student.

Wedding Donation Ideas

  • In lieu of the usual wedding favors for your guests, why not introduce them to GMF? Make a contribution to GMF, and we will provide you with beautiful thank you cards to present to your guests. Help our girls continue their education and introduce your guests to our foundation.  Congratulations!
  • Add GMF to your wedding registry.

Run for Us

Fancy taking on the challenge of a marathon and looking for a worthy cause to help motivate you?  We have partnered with many people to run marathons and half marathons in New York, Milan and London. We will supply GMF-branded sponsor forms for you, promote your fundraising page on our website, Facebook and Twitter and provide you with a GMF t-shirt for the run.

Spread the Word

We are still a young foundation.  The more people that know about us, the more we will succeed and the more girls in the Congo we can help. So, if you are passionate about our cause, here are some simple ideas to help us spread the word:

Host an Event

It doesn’t need to be a black tie ball at the Ritz to help.  If you want to host an event to help raise money for GMF, here are some fun and easy ways to join in:

  • Girls Night In. Invite your girlfriends for a fun night in instead of going out. Put your cocktail money in a pot and send it to GMF.  So simple and fun!
  • Cocktail or Dinner Party. Host a cocktail or dinner party for a group of your friends and have everyone donate what they would have spent eating out to GMF! We can provide you with promotional materials.
  • Movie Viewing. Get your friends together to watch a documentary on the Congo like The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo, Reporter, or Lumo.
  • Morning Tea. Have the neighbours round for morning tea instead of meeting at a cafe – everyone bake a cake and put your coffee money in a pot for GMF!
  • Book Club. Read a book, such as Half the Sky, at your next book club and introduce GMF to your members. At the next meeting, your book club can gather donations to provide a girl with school supplies or clothes for one year.

We can help you with invitations and donation envelopes.

Use Your Talents

No matter what your talents are, there is a way you can help raise money and awareness for GMF! Here are some ideas:

  • Teach a yoga or Pilates class and donate the proceeds to GMF
  • Give massages or facials in exchange for a donation to GMF
  • Create a painting or drawing to sell for GMF, or share it for free in order to spread the word
  • Present a concert and donate the proceeds

Make GMF Your Charity of Choice

We find many businesses and people want to give but are overwhelmed by the sheer number of causes. If you would like to choose one charity to support, we can find a meaningful way for you to contribute.

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