Adult & Teacher Education

Empowering a Community – Adult Education

Adult classes continue twice a week for the parents of the community. Taught by our substitute teacher, Pierre Ilunga, this is an opportunity to develop practical math skills, French as well as basic reading and writing. In addition to encouraging community engagement, the skills taught after hours at the GMF school represent a tremendous contribution to vocational training and a guide to leading a higher standard of living.

Continuing Education for Teachers and Staff

The next phase in staff training is the IT class series, a three-month course held twice a week at the school and directed by a talented young student from the local university. Staff are quickly adapting to the technology age, developing proficiency in Power Point, word processing, Excel and database management, Outlook, internet research and even social media tools.

Training Programs for GMF Teachers

 Part I: 4th July to 2nd September, 2011 French Language Training Courses The trainings are led by skilled teachers with accredited university degrees, trained in how to teach French as the official language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. French language training programs are split into two courses :    A : The linguistics and academic basics of the French language, which includes the general rules and principles of the language, style and syntax (grammatically correct word placement). B : Application and method of teaching the French language. Topics include how to structure and run a class, how to create a lesson plan. Upon successfully completing the training course, and having taught their first classes, the teaching process is evaluated and alternative methods are proposed as needed in order to achieve the highest quality of teaching to the benefit of the Congolese girls. Part II: August 17th to December 29th, 2011 Teaching Vocabulary Vocabulary is central to not only the education system but is key to mental, physical and social development. Central to the training course is the dictionary of 300 words for children,  which sets the foundation for a strong vocabulary, introducing comprehensive definitions and the concept of alphabetization. *This training was instructed by a teacher from the Belgian school  and was sponsored by the Alba Foundation, which continues to support the school with notebooks and other essential learning supplies.  

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