School Staff

Sebastien Kikunguru Kimbele - Logistics CoordinatorSebastien Kikunguru Kimbele, Logistics Coordinator Sebastien Kikunguru Kimbele, the third child in a family of ten children, was born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. He attended Lubumbashi University studying social sciences and graduated with a degree in Internal Relations. Following his schooling, Sebastien traveled around the country, visiting provinces such as Kivu, Bas Congo, Oriental Province and Katanga Province.

Sebastien believes that all people have difficulties, and that problems are common worldwide – in both developed and underdeveloped countries. He is always searching for ways to improve the lives of the people around him, and he is eager to use his education and experience to work for the betterment of his community.

Sebastien was one of the original GMF volunteers, and he has always been a huge inspiration to the team. Volunteering countless hours, he so impressed the GMF team with his dedication that he was asked to join the staff. He is always ready to tackle any task, and he has been very involved in many GMF projects. Currently, he is coordinating the continuing construction at the School and working as the liaison between GMF and FIFA on the construction of the community center.

Lydie Mwepu Tshimbu, Principal Lydie Mwepu Tshimbu is the current Principal of the GMF School for Girls, managing the daily operations of the school.  Born and raised in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), she graduated from Kwesu Kafubu School in 1997 with a focus in educational humanity and received a degree in International Relations from Lubumbashi University in 2002.  Her work experience, including working as a journalist, a secretary and a translator, has prepared her to work independently as well as alongside others. Raised and educated in Lubumbashi, Lydie has first-hand knowledge of the many educational challenges facing young girls in the DRC. Lydie plans to use her experience and abilities to help the girls of the DRC overcome these challenges and receive a quality education, so they will be able to make a difference in the DRC and throughout the world.

Kabuba Kasulangana Mamie, 1st Primary Teacher

Kabuba Kasulangana Mamie, wife and mother of six, was born in Lubumbashi, DRC.  She received her primary school certificate in 1986 from the Kapwanino Primary School.  She completed two years of secondary school at Lycee Twendelee and continued the last four years at Lycee Kwesu of mission Kafubu where she earned her diploma in General Pedagogy in 1996. From 1996 to 2005, she taught at the Marie Auxiliatrice FMA in Kafubu.  In 2006, she began teaching at the Saint Marie School in Kenya where she taught until coming to the GMF School for Girls. Teaching has always been Mamie’s chosen career which is why she wanted to teach at the GMF School.  She hopes to use her experience to help educate and develop the youth of Congo, as she believes they are the future of our society.

Kasongo Zaina Maguy, 1st Primary Teacher

Kasongo Zaina Maguy, a wife and mother of six, is one of our teachers at the GMF School for Girls.  She was born in Lubunda, DRC, and she is currently living in Lubumbashi.  She received her primary school certificate from Saint Joseph de Kangoy in Kongolo in 1984, and she received her secondary school state diploma in education from the Mapendo II Institute in Kiwele in 1995.  She attended the Institute Superieur des Techniques Medicales in Lubumbashi from 1998 to 2000.  She has continued her education by attending many seminars regarding finance management, education in mathematics and science, history of the school system, teaching languages, and education.  Kasongo has many years of experience in the education field which includes teaching second grade, fourth grade and sixth grade, as well as working as a school principal.

Kasongo believes that the GMF School for Girls is fighting for the future of DRC by working to eradicate children’s illiteracy.  Through teaching the girls, she hopes to make the girls feel a sense of responsibility for their futures and not feel inferior to the boys.  She wants to instill in the girls confidence that their country needs both the sons and daughters to improve their country.  It is this feeling of empowerment that motivates Kasongo as she teaches the girls.

Elvis Nshimba Wa Mwanza, 2nd Primary Teacher
Elvis Nshimba Wa Mwanza, born in Kamina, DRC, is one of our teachers at the GMF School for Girls. He earned a State Diploma in General Pedagogy and has studied English and African Culture (in applied Pedagogy) at the university level. His teaching experience includes teaching English and cultural courses at the elementary level and serving as an English tutor at many schools. Elvis was also an English interpreter at the Methodist Missionary Committee and has held many leadership roles, such as the secretary to the Association of Teachers, the Association of Katanga Solidarity Youth, Batwa Bemba (O.N.G.) and his local church. In addition to these leadership roles, he has also built his own house and also supervised the building of his church.

Elvis has a strong desire to work towards the development of his community, and he always strives to do his best. His love for children motivates him to teach, and he looks forward to using his knowledge and talents to help the girls reach their full potential.

Koj Tshikut Sylvain, 2nd Primary Teacher

Koj Tshikut Sylvain, or James to his friends, is one of the teachers at the GMF School for Girls. He was born in Kasaji and is now living in Lubumbashi, studying Computer Science at the Superior Institute of Statistics (ISS). Sylvain has a passion for youth and music, and he plays many musical instruments (piano, keyboards, drums, etc.). He also has experience in choir directing and has managed a youth movement called Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade.

In 2003, Sylvain and his family were living in Bunia, but fled to Aru (a Congolese border territory of Uganda) to take refuge from the war. The death of his dear friends during the massacre in Bunia is a sad memory that he will carry with him always. Knowing personally the effects of war, he is passionate about investing in the field of education to help the Congolese youth. He hopes to use his life experiences and education to make a positive difference in the lives of the girls at the GMF School. He counts the day that he received the call from Director Lydie announcing that he had successfully passed the test at the GMF School as one of the happiest in his life.


Mabaka Anjelani Therese, 3rd Kindergarten Teacher

Mabaka Anjelani Therese, born in Mukoko, DRC, is one of our teachers at the GMF School for Girls.  Therese completed her primary and secondary school in Kongolo and obtained her D4 diploma from cycle course in 1996 from Mwamini and her diploma of state in 1998.  Therese began her graduate studies at Institute Superior of Pedagogy and received her diploma of License of Pedagogy Applied in French in 2010.   She began her teaching career at the Institute/School of Application of Pedagogy in 2011, teaching French for 1st Primary. Therese loves sports, especially football, and some of her favorite foods are French fries and chicken.  Therese’s love for children and her passion for helping disadvantaged children make her a great partner for the GMF School for Girls.  Her commitment to using her knowledge and her talents to help the girls of Kalebuka become strong, educated young women is a great asset for the school.

Kunda Kaulu Marie-Noelle, 3rd Kindergarten Teacher
Kunda Kaulu Marie-Noelle was born in Makamba and educated in Sakania. As a child, she played handball and basketball and was involved in the Catholic youth movement, KIRO. She began her teaching career in Makamba in 2002, and then moved to Lubumbashi, teaching at the Maman Margueritte School in Kampemba. After her husband passed away, she returned to Makamba to teach, so that she could be near her family. In 2007, she returned to her teaching position at Maman Margueritte School, and she taught there until coming to the GMF School for Girls.

Marie, now remarried, is passionate about her teaching and hopes to utilize her experience to help the girls at the School have a brighter future.

Adrienne Kikunguru Leya, Physical Education Teacher
Adrienne Kikunguru Leya was born in Kolwezi in the Katanga Province. She is the eighth of nine children, and her family is very important to her. She received her early education at Nwumba Yawheri and Mwanga School in Kolwezi, and her secondary studies were completed at Wema School. In July, 2012, she earned a diploma in General Pedagogy from Lubumbashi University, and she hopes to continue her studies in Pedagogy in the future.

Adrienne’s interests include music, watching documentaries and practicing her volleyball and football skills to help keep her fit. She also enjoys the Sunday lectures at her church. Working with children is one of Adrienne’s passions, and she enjoys finding different ways to keep them active.

Mosakwa Bayindo Natacha, Administrative Assistant Mosakwa Bayindo Natacha was born in Kinshasa and is a twin from a family of four children. She is calm and welcoming and opens up around familiar faces and environments, and she works well with new people and situations, learning quickly what works best for each new situation.

Natacha started her education at L’Ecole Baha’I and attended high school at L’Ecole Malkia Wa Amani where she obtained a state diploma in Commerciale & Administratif. She then studied Information Technology at L’Université Protestante de Lubumbashi, finishing in 2010.

Currently, she is the Administrative Assistant at the GMF School for Girls and works in conjunction with the Principal, providing necessary daily and monthly reports. She likes to be around children and is ready to listen and assist them in whatever capacity is necessary. The School is for her the perfect environment to further develop these skills, while serving our students.

Ildephonse Kangela Mutombo, FIFA Project Coordinator/Adult Class Teacher Ildephonse Kangela Mutombo was born in Lubumbashi, DRC. He loves football, also known as soccer, and has from an early age. He remembers his early years as tumultuous due to the political instability in the country. His family left Lubumbashi for a time, but they were able to return to their village. From that time, he remembers predicting that he would grow up to be a responsible citizen and live in the city of Lubumbashi.

Ildephonse became a teacher in 1982, and after two years of teaching, he was promoted to the position of Principal and continued to serve as Principal in different schools over the next 13 years. He then received a scholarship to study in South Africa, studying human rights, trauma and other courses. During his four years in South Africa, he experienced diversity by having friends from various countries. Upon his return to DRC, he joined Promaladev, a local NGO, to continue his career in education but with an added focus on education of women and girls.

Using his love of football and his experience in education, Ildephonse will help coordinate the FIFA project and teach the adult classes for the community.

Kapeshi Kilufya, Cook Kapeshi Kilufya will be cooking the meals for the girls at the GMF School for Girls.  She received her Secondary diploma in 1987 and has experience cooking for undernourished children working at Kisenda Center.  Kapeshi has also worked in agriculture, working with corn and popcorn, before coming to work at the school.  Prior to the school’s opening, she also received training from Bushcamp regarding cooking healthy meals for the children and the importance of cleanliness in the preparation of the food.  In preparing the girls’ meals, she will be working with a local nutritionist to ensure that the meals are healthy.

Ilunga Yumba Aubin, Maintenance Ilunga Yumba Aubin is currently head of maintenance at the GMF School for Girls. Ilunga holds a diploma of General Mechanics and attended both Kolwezi at Ukwell and Mutoshi/Chuma, studying metallurgy. His previous work experience includes marketing, factory work, training at the Minister of Infrastructure in the Province of Katanga and working in metallurgy in the mines at Shituru and Kambove. When Ilunga is not working at the school, he enjoys football and music. He has great respect for others and is honest, expecting honesty from others as well. He strives to accomplish his tasks in a timely manner and is dedicated to doing his best at everything he does. His knowledge, experience and dedication to his work are a tremendous asset to the school.

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