New Beginning – Mwanzo Mupia

newbeginningmwanzomupia New Beginning is the on-going GMF Sponsorship Program which supports a group of abandoned and orphaned girls in Lubumbashi, DRC, by financing their school expenses (tuition fees, school supplies, clothing and meals).  Mwanzo Mupia means “new beginning” in Swahili, and for all of the girls in the program, New Beginning is a chance to start over and overcome the misfortune that has befallen them and their families. Without this sponsorship program, these girls would be homeless, hungry, and uneducated – a combination of factors that would destroy their futures. The program not only provides the girls with money for school but also helps them create a community of support. Maman Hélène, the host mother at the Maison Magone Orphanage where the majority of the girls live, is an amazing woman, caring for the girls and helping them with their homework. Adding to the support of the girls, GMF team members always visit with the girls and Maman Hélène anytime they travel to the Congo. The GMF Sponsorship Program gives the girls a sense of family in the midst of their poverty.  Sponsorship of the girls began with the academic year 2008-09, and donations from supporters allow the GMF Sponsorship Program to stay alive and keep our talented girls in school.

Sponsored Girls – 2011-2012
Sponsored Girls – 2010-2011
Sponsored Girls – 2009-2010
Sponsored Girls – 2008-2009

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