Our Positive Impact

The GMF team is dedicated to furthering any effort that will help peace, gender equality and socio-economic stability to flourish in the DRC, and throughout Africa. For example, GMF’s growing media profile – which includes stories on CNN, articles in Vanity Fair and other magazines and visits to the school site by high-profile guests such as Khaliah Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali – is raising awareness about the situation in Congo and inspiring many other non-governmental organizations and individuals to get involved.


KickStart is an organization that offers efficient irrigation systems to farmers.  GMF helped KickStart to bring these systems to the Congolese market. By providing tools that Africa’s disadvantaged can afford, KickStart supports entrepreneurship and promotes a sustainable solution to poverty. To date, they have sent 2,200 water pumps to the Congo. Please visit their website at www.kickstart.org.

Columbia University

GMF arranged a trip to the DRC for a group of students from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation to study potential improvements to the educational system of the Congo. The students then presented their studies at Columbia for their final exams, which you can view through this link. They also held an exhibit, along with GMF and studio MDA, showcasing their trip and the possibilities for positive enhancement of education in the DRC. The exhibit was held at James Cohan Gallery in New York City.

Delivering Medical Equipment and Supplies to DRC

GMF has also worked with Project Cure to facilitate the donation of medical equipment and supplies to various hospitals in the DRC where there is such an incredible need for these items.  More than seven containers with over $3 million of medical equipment and supplies have already been delivered to the DRC.  Recent data shows that the mortality rate is down in the area, and the hospitals are offering a much safer environment for all patients.

A Well for the Village

Once the GMF School for Girls opened, the original well was needed solely for the school’s use. To ensure the continued availability of fresh clean water to the entire Kalebuka community, Solutions for Africa constructed a hand-pump well in the village. This project, funded through the Voss Foundation and the Give A Drop partnership between Project Clean Water (founded by recording artist Jewel), Virgin Unite and the Voss Foundation, ensures that both the school and the entire village will have continued access to clean water. Having clean water in the village for drinking, cooking and washing has helped to decrease the number of cases of cholera, diarrhea and other illness in the village.

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