Our Goals

 What Was Once a Dream is Now Reality

Image of GMF School Girl by Richard Foulser

GMF is committed to solving the education crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo and dedicated to improving the literacy rate for Congolese women and communities. Our short-term focus is to sponsor young girls to attend school by providing them with financial support and/or access to a school; long-term, we aim to expand our work throughout Africa.

This vision has led to the establishment of the GMF School for Girls, a tuition-free accredited school currently educating 152 young girls. All of the pupils receive uniforms, two healthy meals a day, immunizations, and are taught under a highly specialized and rigorous curriculum based on the Belgian and Congolese schooling system, preparing the students for a lifetime of success.

Additional perspectives on the DRC may be found at the following link: DRC: Basic Statistics [PDF].

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