Sponsored Girls 2011-2012

Victorine Mulekwa

AGE: 17 GRADE: 1st year (Secondary) SCHOOL: Lycée Tujikaze BACKGROUND: Following the death of her mother at a very young age, Victorine was given the responsibility of caring for her mute/deaf father, which included preparing his meals and caring for him. Though Victorine’s aunt fought to keep her, her extreme poverty prevented her from supporting her niece, thus forcing Victorine to fend for herself on the streets. Eventually, Victorine found her way to Maison Magone Fille, where she is flourishing. RESULT: 37% victorinemulekwa  

Yvette Kikonde Mateta

AGE: 15 GRADE: 1st year (Secondary) SCHOOL: Centre Marafiki BACKGROUND: After the death of her mother, Yvette’s father remarried. Unwanted by her father’s new spouse and rejected by other members of her family, Yvette was living in the streets before being saved by Magone. RESULT: Regretfully left orphanage in January. Yvette-Kikonde-Mateta  

Rehema Kisimba

AGE: 17 GRADE: 1st year (Secondary) SCHOOL: Lycée Tujikaze BACKGROUND: Though Rehema’s grandmother raised her after her mother passed away and father deserted her, over time she was no longer able to support her granddaughter. Maison Magone recently contacted one of Rehema’s aunts, and she agreed to take Rehema back into the family’s care. Nevertheless, Maison Magone and GMF will continue taking care of Rehema’s education and related expenses. RESULT: 50% Rehema-Kisimba  

Yowa Kaba

AGE: 13 GRADE: 5th year (Elementary) SCHOOL: E.P. St. Augustin BACKGROUND: After the death of Kaba’s mother, who passed away during childbirth, she was sent to live with her father’s cousin, who managed to look after Kaba, as well as her twin brother, until she was 3 years old. Subsequently, Kaba and her brother were sent to live with their grandmother, who did not have the means to support either one of them. Both fled their grandmother’s home to live on the streets. Kaba found her way to Maison Magone, and her brother is in a neighboring orphanage called Bakandja Center. RESULT: 59% Yowa-Kaba  

Joelle Mbuyi Masengo

AGE: 16 GRADE: 1st year (Sewing Apprenticeship) SCHOOL: Centre Serafina BACKGROUND: As a result of losing both of her parents, Masengo was under the care of her grandmother, but she was later ejected from her grandmother’s care after accusations of sorcery erupted. RESULT: 73% joellembuyimasengo  

Pauline Nyembo Mwapiana

AGE: 15 GRADE: 1st year (Sewing Apprenticeship) SCHOOL: Centre Serafina BACKGROUND: Pauline found herself in the streets after the divorce of her parents. Unfortunately, neither side of the family could support Pauline financially, so she, like so many other girls in her situation, was forced onto the streets. RESULT: 54% paulinenyembomwapiana  

Zaina Blandine Ngoie

AGE: 17 GRADE: 4th year (Commercial) SCHOOL: Lycée Twendelee BACKGROUND: Zaina is another young girl who has fallen victim to ludicrous accusations of sorcery. She has never met her father, and her mother abandoned her following the accusations of witchcraft. RESULT: 65% Zaina-Blandine-Ngoie  

Joelle Ngoy Katombe

AGE: 13 GRADE: 5th year (Elementary) SCHOOL: E.P. St. Augustin BACKGROUND: Family members cared for Joelle after the death of her mother, however over time they found themselves unable to afford her care. She was ousted from their home and forced to live on the streets. Maison Magone is in constant contact with Joelle’s father, who loves his daughter deeply, but simply cannot afford to look after her. Joelle recently lost a brother due to the family’s economic instability. RESULT: 58% Joelle-Ngoy-Katombe  

Julie Kapinga N Jilabu

AGE: 16 GRADE: 1st year (Secondary) SCHOOL: Centre Marafiki BACKGROUND: Julie was forced to live on the streets after being accused of sorcery. Though loved by her family, none of them can afford to provide Julie with the care she needs to support her wellbeing or education. RESULT: 35% juliekapinganjilabu  

Bajika Arlette Tshitenge

AGE: 15 GRADE: 2nd year (Secondary) SCHOOL: C.S. Canneton BACKGROUND:False allegations of sorcery turned Bajika’s family against her and eventually forced her onto the streets. Amazing efforts by Maman Helene have been made to reunite Bajika with her family, and thankfully she has been reunited with her family. RESULT: 55.2% Bajika-Arlette-Tshitenge  

Johanne Salima

AGE: 15 GRADE: 4th year (Secondary) SCHOOL: Source du Savoir BACKGROUND: Johanne is the eldest of two children in a family that was abandoned by their father. Their loving mother was unable to make ends meet and was forced to stop Johanne’s education. GMF stepped up to sponsor Johanne, so she would not have to let go of her studies. RESULT: 50.3% johannesalima  

Gracia Mutamu

AGE: 11 GRADE: 3rd year (Elementary) SCHOOL: E.P. St. Augustin BACKGROUND: Gracia’s parents are extremely poor, so they asked GMF to sponsor Gracia. Gracia was working in the mines before she came to live at Magone. RESULT: 55% Gracia-Mutamu  

Deborah Mujinga Wa Banza

AGE: 24 GRADE: 5th year (Secondary) SCHOOL: Institute Mwema BACKGROUND: Dorcas Mujinga wa Banze (Deborah), better known as the “Survivor of Kasala”, is one of the many victims of the war that has plagued the DRC since 1998. As a child, her village was attacked and set on fire. Though burned badly, miraculously Deborah survived, however her family did not. After meeting Deborah in April, 2008, in Lubumbashi, and being touched by her story, the Georges Malaika  Foundation decided to assist Deborah in completing her technical training. Deborah is thriving beautifully at school, where she is learning how to be a seamstress. RESULT: 51.4% Deborah-Mujinga-Wa-Banza  

2012 Visit

GMF volunteer Sonya Shannon recently traveled from Washington to visit the girls in the DRC.   Lydie Mwepu Tshimbu, Director of the GMF School for Girls keeps in close contact with the girls.

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